Intern, — Mr. Arunkumar Nair Canspirit AI Arun Nair)
Student, School of ECE, MIT-WPU (Mentor — Dr. Vinaya Gohokar)

This is a tutorial on deploying Kubeflow on a local Kubernetes cluster from scratch. While trying to deploy it myself using the documentation on the official websites, I came across a lot of errors, mostly compatibility issues so I am documenting the process here, for reference.

We will create an Ubuntu VM first. I have created an instance on GCP.

VM Requirements:

  1. VM OS — Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  2. 16 GB RAM
  3. 4 vCPUs
  4. The official site recommends machine with 250 GB storage…

Shubhasmita Roy

ML newbie. Student. Intern. Aspiring ML engineer. Gardening and KDrama enthusiast.

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